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Leadership Development

In order to sustain their competitive advantage and maintain a pipeline of talent, winning organizations understand the strategic importance of continually investing in professionals who are multi-faceted and possess a robust set of skills. At all levels of the organization, professionals must have the ability to collaborate and focus, thrive amid change, and inspire those around them. Increasingly, an external leadership development professional is the most effective catalyst to sharpen these skills.


When designing a project, The Yamartino Group (TYG) leverages a wide range of skills and experience including talent management, learning and development, needs assessments and curriculum design so that each assignment matches the client's precise learning needs. Carol's engaging style ensures that each client benefits from facilitated learning and is deeply invested in the process at every step. At the conclusion of their work together, TYG's clients are pleased to report they achieved well beyond their initial expectations and goals.


Our Leadership Development services include:

  • High-potential leadership program design and development

  • Design, development and delivery of custom curriculum 

  • High-velocity workshops and training programs

  • Webinars and other work to boost performance of virtual teams

  • Additional leadership development services are available, depending on your organization's needs



Executive Coaching

The Yamartino Group works with high-performing professionals to sharpen and expand their leadership skills through focused, personalized one-on-one work. Our guidance is particularly useful in times of change whether a promotion, a stretch assignment or for any new challenge requiring a new level of performance.


Why? Because success in a new role almost always requires competencies that have not been needed in the past. At the same time, our work with executives provides invigoration in order to meet business demands. Collaboration is embedded throughout the process to ensure our guidance and coaching exactly match the client's needs in order to maximize success. Equally important, clients find it advantageous to have the independent sounding board we provide, as our professional coaching relationship develops. 

What sets us apart is our ability to blend expertise as strategists, pragmatists and communicators. The Yamartino Group possesses an exceptional ability to operate effectively in the C-suite and at all levels of the organization. Known for our capacity for putting people at ease, we are particularly adept at handling any sensitive or difficult topics that must be addressed during the process. In fact, regardless of the setting, at the conclusion of their work together, our clients are pleased to report that they managed to achieve well beyond their initial expectations and goals.


To assure maximum success for each client, we utilize a variety of personalized methodologies including assessments, 360-degree feedback with stakeholders, and one-on-one discussion to leverage strengths and focus on development areas. 


Our Executive Coaching services include:

  • CEO and C-suite coaching

  • Leadership coaching 

  • On-boarding into a new role or company

  • Personal branding

  • Women's leadership

  • Improved executive team effectiveness

  • Improved relationships between management and boards

  • 360° feedback interviews



Team Effectiveness

Though everyone knows that teamwork is essential for competitive advantage, why is it that teams often fail to thrive or are hindered by dysfunction and frustration? The fact is teams require serious effort if they are to be successful.


The Yamartino Group offers a variety of services designed to foster teamwork that is effective and aligned with the organization's top-level strategic goals. Often, the focus of the work is to raise awareness and enhance and accelerate the individual contributors' abilities to work more effectively as members of the team. Teams who appreciate and complement differing styles, hold each other accountable and communicate effectively attain the highest level of performance and success within organizations.


Our Team Effectiveness services include:

  • Team dynamics and appreciation of styles

  • New team launch and on-boarding

  • Conflict resolution

  • Manage change

  • Increased productivity

  • Board facilitation

  • Meeting design and facilitation

  • Organizational development intervention



Mentoring Programs


More and more companies are discovering the advantages of leveraging on-the-job relationships for career development. Beyond benefiting both mentors and protégés in terms of professional development, formal mentoring programs often play a vital role in employee engagement and retention by strengthening commitment to the organization. There is also an intrinsic advantage because "real work" provides the learning context. 


The Yamartino Group specializes in the design, development and implementation of mentoring programs for companies. We take a structured and customized approach, focusing on clarification of goals, objectives and roles, in order to maximize the learning and motivation of all involved. 


We can also provide ongoing involvement to ensure the incorporation of "best practices" over time. We are highly regarded for our ability to develop and deploy programs that deliver the most effective professional development opportunities. TYG is also exceptionally skilled at leveraging 'leaders as teachers" within organizations to take advantage of an organization's powerful best practices and lessons learned.


Our Mentoring Program services include:

  • Program design, development and facilitation

  • Ongoing monitoring

  • Review of existing programs for improvement opportunities

Leadership Development
Executive Coaching
Team Effectiveness
Mentoring Programs
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